If Stopped By The Police Follow These Rules

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If you have been pulled over by the police there is a good chance you have done something wrong. In order to prevent a bad situation from getting even worse there are certain recommended steps you should follow. The following article offers some great advice…

5 things you should never do if stopped by the police

When you are driving, you never want to see the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror; however, it is something almost every driver experiences. Even if you’re sure you did nothing wrong, the event is likely to cause your heart to race and your blood pressure to rise. Traffic stops can also be nerve-wracking for police. A rash of police shootings nationwide have officers on edge and many simple traffic stops have escalated into situations where police or motorists have been injured or killed. If you end up in a situation where you see the blue lights behind you, here are some things you should never do after you pull over. Of course, no matter what you do, you might still be cited or even arrested. If that happens, you should consult with an experienced attorney who can help protect your rights. Don’t make suspicious moves Don’t argue Don’t leave the car unless asked Don’t volunteer Never agree to a search

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The tips above should help to minimize the chances of a small incident or ticket turning into an even bigger problem. It is important to treat officers with respect for a variety or reasons. One of those reasons is to minimize the chances of being issued a costly speeding ticket. The cost of a ticket goes well beyond just the cost of the fine. You can also expect to see your Michigan car insurance go up. If you get multiple tickets or a major violation you could also be considered a high risk driver and be forced to purchase Michigan high risk car insurance.

In this next article the author discusses the impact that tickets can have on your car insurance.

Speeding Ticket and Car Insurance – How DUI Affects Insurance Costs

Here’s how much that ticket will hurt your insurance costs.

You probably don’t want to get pulled over no matter where you are, but in some states, you really, really don’t want a ticket. That’s because your car insurance payment could increase dramatically in certain states after you get a DUI or a speeding ticket, sometimes by over 300 percent.

Personal finance site NerdWallet analyzed the average rate increases for speeding tickets and DUIs by state, and built a helpful state-by-state interactive map of results. On average, NerdWallet found that a DUI results in a 62-percent cost increase nationwide, while a speeding ticket only nets a 14-percent increase.

The lesson here is immediately crystal clear: You should never, ever drive under the influence, and it’s best to save your speed-demon tendencies for the race track. Ultimately, cabs and track days will save you a ton of money—both on a one-time ticket and on the insurance premiums that result from it.

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The next time you get pulled over remember to follow the steps mentioned in the article above. Better yet don’t get pulled over to begin with. Michigan auto insurance rates are already high compared to the rest of the nation. Don’t give the auto insurance companies yet another reason to increase your rate.